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Old 02-08-2024, 01:19 AM   #51
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How to use proxies for Google Ads in affiliate marketing: what are the
peculiarities and what should they be?

Google Ads can be a challenging traffic source due to its strict moderation and
algorithms that closely monitor accounts. Even minor violations can result in a
ban, regardless of whether you are an affiliate who only works with white offers.
This article analyzes the best proxies to use to avoid bans.

What proxies are essential for Google Ads?

Google Ads verification algorithms can quickly detect low-quality ads. They can
identify the device responsible for launching gray-offer ads. Creating a new
account on the same device immediately triggers a block.

That's why we suggest using both proxies and anti-detect browsers to work with
Google Ads. Anti-detect browsers are effective in altering device fingerprints..

The choice of proxy type depends on your goals. For example:
  • Tax Savings. Some countries have abolished or reduced VAT rates. To
    access these rates, you may need a proxy belonging to one of these
    countries. For instance, Proxytunnel offers proxies for over 100 countries.
  • Device Identification. If Google has banned an affiliate by recognizing
    the device, a reliable anti-detect browser can address this issue.
  • It is necessary to promote the offer in the country where the account
    is registered.
    This will increase the level of trust. Proxy selection should
    align with the geographical location.
When selecting a proxy server, there are several factors to consider:
  • Which country will own the ad account? Select a proxy aligned with
    the country of ad account ownership. Ensure that the provider can
    supply the required subnet and that the DNS is also displayed for that
    country. Verify the DNS using services like Whoer.
  • High level of confidentiality. Only private proxies that are issued to a
    single user are suitable for working with Google Ads.
  • Trustworthiness. Mobile and residential proxies are the most reliable
    options for Google Ads. They provide IP addresses that belong to real
    people or mobile operators. Using NAT technology, a single IP
    address can be shared by multiple groups of people. This prevents
    Google from blocking any one person, as it would affect a group of
    several thousand people and damage its reputation.

If you work with Google Ads, please pay attention to the GEO of proxy
and subnet, and make sure that the DNS belongs to the corresponding
GEO of the account.
Mobile or residential proxies are preferable. Additionally,
enhance security by utilizing proxies in conjunction with an anti-detect
browser to obscure the fingerprint of your actual device.
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Old 02-13-2024, 01:35 AM   #52
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Proxies with IPv4 and IPv6 protocols: Which are the best and what are their

Proxies with IPv4 and IPv6 protocols are distinct and suitable for different purposes.
Each protocol has unique features and advantages, so let's examine them.

What is the IPv4 protocol?

This version of the protocol was developed in 1983 to assign a unique IP address to
each device. An IP address consists of four groups of digits, each containing a number
from 1 to 255, resulting in approximately 4.4 billion unique IP addresses. However, as
the number of devices and Internet users grew in 2007, IPv4 addresses became
insufficient, leading to the introduction of IPv6.

IPv4 supports broadcast channels and ensures data integrity through the TCP protocol.

  • It is suitable for working with any social networks and websites.

  • It allows you to bypass blocks and restrictions.
  • Ineffective routing that negatively impacts router loads of 100 MB or more;

  • More expensive because it is harder to find space on IPv4 due to the scarcity
    of IP addresses.
What is the IPv6 protocol?

Pv6 was introduced as an alternative to IPv4 due to the growth of streaming apps
and video conferencing. An IPv6 address consists of a hexadecimal group of
numbers and letters. The number of IP addresses in IPv6 is approximately 300
million, as the transition to the new protocol is still underway.

IPv6 supports multicast groups and ensures data integrity without the need for
third-party protocols.

  • Increased bandwidth, higher speeds;

  • Improved encryption type;

  • Low ping or response time to user actions, which is important for online
    gaming and video conferencing.
  • Unfortunately, this protocol is not supported by all social networks and
    platforms, and not everyone trusts it because it is easier to organize
    DDoS attacks with IPv6;

  • To ensure proper functionality, IPv6 may require network address
    translation, tunneling, or dual stacking.

Both versions of the protocols are equally good and can be used for different
They enable you to maintain anonymity and bypass restrictions
and blocking. IPv6 provides higher ping and speed, which is crucial for video
conferencing, online gaming, and streaming services. Meanwhile, IPv4 is the
protocol accepted by all social networks and sites as the most trusted and
secure. It is important to note that neither protocol is inherently better than
the other, but rather each has its own strengths and weaknesses.
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Old 02-16-2024, 01:35 AM   #53
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Proxy Analytics: What is it and how can it be monitored to optimize network

Entrepreneurs may face slow network speeds and security issues, which can be resolved
with the assistance of proxy analytics. In this article, we will discuss this strategy and
how to use it to improve performance.

Proxy Analytics - What is it?

This is a network audit that is recommended to be performed on a regular basis. You
can collect data for this audit from proxy servers and analyze it.

What the audit includes:
  • Traffic data. It allows you to identify which sites are consuming bandwidth
    and determine when the network is most active.
  • User behavior. You can gather data on how users interact with the network,
    identify inefficient use of resources, and identify security breaches.
  • Security threats.You can monitor suspicious activity, such as frequent
    attempts to log in from unknown locations.
How to conduct monitoring and which indicators to focus on?

Let's examine the metrics to consider when conducting an audit:
  • The traffic volume: refers to how busy the network is and how much data
    is being transferred. If the network reaches its maximum capacity, measures
    can be taken to reduce the load.
  • Response time: how fast the network is running. If the performance is slow,
    it is necessary to investigate the causes.
  • Error rate: if it is high, you need to fix the problem.
  • User behavior: what people are doing, whether they are finding what they
    need, or whether they are having trouble. By working with this metric, you
    can enhance the user experience.
To conduct monitoring, you need:

1. Choose monitoring tools. Proxy providers like Proxytunnel offer many
analytics options, including traffic analysis and security alerts. Take
advantage of these options to avoid wasting time and money on
implementing third-party services.

2. Configure proxy servers in the configuration file for logging. The server
will record traffic volume, request types, and timestamps. Log rotation
and storage policies can be configured.

3. Conduct regular reviews. Define the frequency of notifications based
on network activity, whether it be daily or weekly. Setting up alerts
when problems occur can be also useful.


The initial step in proxy analytics is selecting a provider that offers effective
monitoring tools. Proxy analytics aid in preventing security breaches and
enhancing network performance.
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Old 02-21-2024, 03:24 AM   #54
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What are Domain Fronting attacks and how to protect against them using

Cyber criminals may attempt to steal confidential data using various methods,
including Domain Fronting attacks. So let's take a look at what this technology is and
how you can protect yourself from these attacks.

Domain Fronting Attacks: The Specificity

Domain Fronting is a technique used to bypass Internet censorship by concealing the
real address of the server from which a request originates by spoofing the request
headers. This method evades blocking by making the filtering system think that the
request is coming from one domain when in fact it is coming from another.

Originally, this technique was used to circumvent censorship in countries where the
Internet is heavily controlled. However, attackers have also started using Domain
Fronting to hide their activities and bypass security systems.

How can you protect yourself from Domain Fronting attacks using proxies?

Here are a few ways to protect yourself from this type of attack:
  • Using DPI (Deep Packet Inspection). Use Deep Packet Inspection to detect
    domain fronting attacks. DPI can recognize unusual traffic patterns and block
    such attacks.
  • Traffic filtering at the DNS level. It will prevent requests to known domains
    that are used for Domain Fronting.
  • Configure firewall rules. This will assist in blocking traffic that matches
    Domain Fronting attack patterns.
  • Using proxy servers with SSL/TLS support. Switching to HTTPS and using
    proxies which analyze SSL and TLS traffic will also help detect such attacks.
Acting as an intermediary, a proxy allows requests to be sent first to itself and
then to a website. This masks the IP address, maintaining anonymity and security.
Proxies provide a high level of inspection and control, verifying the contents and
destination of the traffic. They also allow you to configure rules to block or allow
certain types of traffic.


To prevent Domain Fronting attacks, it is crucial to use proxies that offer thorough
traffic analysis and reliable security features.
Proxies can be configured to verify
host names in incoming traffic's HTTP headers. For optimal security, it is
recommended to frequently update proxies and review settings, as attackers may
exploit new attack attempts.
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Old 02-24-2024, 08:14 AM   #55
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How to overcome the limitation of CDN by using proxies

CDN technology provides fast access to content regardless of the user's location.
However, it has limitations that may prevent access to desired sites. Proxies can help
overcome these limitations, and this article will explain how.

How does CDN work and what are its limitations?

A content delivery network (CDN) enables the storage of website copies and content
in various locations worldwide. This allows users to access the content instantly from
the nearest location. But, there are limitations to consider:
  • Content is not available in the region. CDN must comply with regulations and
    may block sites in countries subject to sanctions or for other reasons.
  • Traffic spikes. This occurs when too many people are trying to access the same
    page. For instance, during a broadcast of a popular event such as a sports
    match or the Olympics.
  • The problem of even delivery. There is a large amount of content available on
    the internet, and CDNs do not always distribute it evenly.
How can proxies help overcome CDN limitations?

A proxy is a technology that enables the delivery or receipt of content despite
barriers such as:
  • GEO-restrictions. By choosing a proxy from the desired country, you can access
    websites from that location, even if access is restricted in other regions.
  • Low connection speed. Proxies can accelerate content delivery by selecting a
    server that is closer to you or your audience.
  • System overload. Proxies can distribute requests in a way that does not
    overload the main server.
How to choose a proxy for content distribution?

Different types of proxies may be optimal for distributing content:
  • Residential. When using them, the IP address appears as if it belongs to a
    real person from the desired country. These proxies are highly anonymous
    and well-suited for working with global audiences and delivering any
    type of content.
  • Static.These proxies are high-speed and can transfer large amounts of
    data quickly. They can help you cope with peak load.
  • Rotating proxies. They offer excellent anonymity and are difficult to
    trace, making them ideal for distributing content and load balancing.

Proxies can assist in managing CDN limitations, handling peak loads, and
delivering content to global audiences. All CDN traffic can be directed through
proxies. Our Proxytunnel service offers highly reliable residential, static, and
rotating IP proxies that are optimized for content distribution.
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Old 02-28-2024, 01:22 AM   #56
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How can residential proxies be used to parse travel data and save money on tickets?

How can residential proxies be used to parse travel data and save money on

Parsing travel data can improve travel quality and save money. So let's explore how
proxies can assist in achieving these objectives.

How can residential proxies assist?

Residential proxies have the advantage of using IP addresses that belong to real
people and devices from home ISPs. They allow you to bypass IP, GEO, and query
restrictions, and avoid being blocked. For instance, at Proxytunnel you can buy
proxies for more than 100 GEOs, and collect travel information about any country
on local sites.

Proxies assist in the following ways:
  • Access to country-specific sites: You can access sites that are only available
    in a particular country, where the cost of travel services is lower than on
    aggregators. Ordering services from these sites can help you save money.
  • IP hiding: You can hide your IP. Some sites may increase prices or remove
    discounts if they detect repeat visits from the same IP. Logging in as a
    new user can help you access promotions and save money.
  • Competitor analysis: You can analyze competitors' business data and
    improve your marketing strategy by analyzing SEO.
  • Avoiding blocks: Proxies will not block when parsing because the sites
    will recognize that different people are visiting, not a robot parsers.
How to set up a proxy

You can start using residential proxies in 5 easy steps:

1. Register with the provider. For example, registering with Proxytunnel
is easy, free and requires no verification.

2. Review and select the suggested proxies. Choose the countries, number
of proxies, and protocols (HTTP(S), SOCKS), and consult with support
if needed. Proxytunnel offers 24/7 support.

3. Make a payment. To purchase the proxy, make a payment using the
method that is most convenient for you. Your personal account will
display detailed statistics on the purchased service. Once the payment
is complete, you will receive the proxy instantly.

4. Specify proxy parameters on your device. You can connect a proxy
in your operating system and specify the login, password, and port
in an anti-detect browser or parsing program, depending on your goals.

5. Test the proxy, evaluate its performance using online services, or visit
appropriate sites.


High-quality residential proxies save money for anyone interested in receiving
travel information. Proxytunnel offers quality residential proxies with over
1.5 million customized IP addresses for travel parsing tasks.
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How can residential proxies assist with HR and recruiting for your team?

Residential proxies can be a valuable assistant for HR professionals and entrepreneurs
who frequently need to build their teams. They serve as an excellent recruiting
intelligence tool.

Role of residential proxies for HR

Here are the main benefits of using proxies for recruiting:
  • Recruiting Foreign Specialists. Proxies can help you access local work sites and
    freelance exchanges that may be blocked in certain countries. For instance,
    LinkedIn, Fiverr, and other reputable resources can be accessed with the help
    of proxies. This is beneficial for finding remote specialists around the world
    who may charge less for their services than candidates from your own country.
  • No Limitations. Residential proxies can assist in avoiding restrictions, such as
    message limits to candidates. By creating multiple profiles and using each
    one to send job offers to candidates, the process of hiring can be faster.
  • Anonymity and Security. Using a proxy allows you to conceal both your own
    IP address and that of your company. This can be particularly useful when
    headhunting, as it enables you to visit a competitor's website and view key
    team members for potential rehiring.
  • Building Trust and Effective Communication With Candidates. Residential
    proxies allow you to simulate a presence in the same country as the candidates.
    This generates greater trust and loyalty and helps to better understand their
    needs and expectations.
How to choose the right residential proxies for HR tasks?

Let's analyze the main selection criteria:

1. Speed. The proxies should have a high data rate, low latency, and provide
a seamless connection.

2. GEO. Proxies must support the correct region and offer a wide range of IP
addresses and subnets to bypass restrictions. For instance, Proxytunnel
supports 100 GEOs and 1.5 million IPs.

3. Transparent pricing. Proxytunnel offers residential proxies starting at $7
per GB, with an additional IP rotation service available.

4. Сompetent technical support. Technical support can assist in resolving a
variety of issues. Proxytunnel support is available 24/7, and has a special
solution for developers and APIs for business scaling.


Residential proxies have various business applications, including aiding in team
recruitment and streamlining the search and hiring process. When selecting a
residential proxy, it is important to consider the supported GEOs, number of IP
addresses, and pricing. Proxytunnel offers residential proxies that are tailored
specifically for HR tasks.
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IP Filtering: how to enhance your security when using proxies

IP filtering is a technology that enhances network security. It can be compared to a VIP
list of addresses that are allowed to enter the network.So let's talk about how to use IP
filtering when using proxies to increase security.

What are the benefits of IP filtering?

IP filtering is the process of creating a whitelist of authorized IP addresses that are
allowed to access your network. This enables you to control access to your network by
specifying who is allowed and who is denied access.

IP filtering is crucial when using proxies, which aid in maintaining anonymity and
provide enhanced security. However, if caution is not exercised, unauthorized users
and attackers may gain access to your network through proxies. This is why the
benefits of IP filtering are crucial:
  • It ensures long-term network security and control.
  • It adds an extra layer of security by screening out suspicious IP addresses.
  • It enables you to control the users who have access to your systems and
    network, such as employees, subordinates, or customers.
IP filtering is essential for businesses and entrepreneurs who handle sensitive data.

How to set up IP filtering

You need to follow these steps to set up a whitelist of trusted and verified IP

1. Define IP address. For instance, the IP addresses of your coworkers, team,
or customers.

2. Open the Network Control Panel and set up a white list. This section of
the panel is related to security, access or firewalls. You can add a
whitelist by clicking "Add new" or "Create rule".

3. Save and check the list. To ensure proper functionality, log in to the
network from one of the whitelisted IP addresses first, and then from an
unknown and suspicious IP address. You should be granted access in the
first case, and denied access in the second.

It is important to regularly update the whitelist. For instance, if one of your
colleagues leaves the company and is replaced by a new person, you should
set up access for that person as well.


Using IP filtering is one of the best ways to protect your network. It's important
to stay up-to-date with evolving cybersecurity technologies. The more you
know about network protection, the more tools you have at your disposal
to avoid problems caused by hackers.
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Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) Blocking: What is it and how can proxies help
bypass it?

Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) is a technology used by ISPs and government agencies
to monitor user traffic. If you are uncomfortable with the idea of being monitored, proxies
can help you bypass DPI and protect your privacy.

How does DPI and DPI blocking work?

This system thoroughly analyzes Internet traffic packets and acts as a surveillance tool.
DPI allows third parties to access your browsing history and the sites you visit. ISPs and
government agencies monitor users for ad research and national security purposes.

DPI blocking can occur due to censorship, for instance when a user tries to access a
banned site. Therefore, it is recommended to use a proxy.

How do proxies help bypass DPI and blocking?

Proxy servers route user requests through themselves, changing the IP address in the
process. As a result, DPI does not see the user's real IP address, but rather the IP
address provided by the proxy server.

Here is a list of proxies that can help you bypass DPI:
  • Static proxies. These proxies perform well and can aid in parsing. However, they
    may not be the optimal choice for bypassing DPI, as it may detect that you are
    using a data center proxy.
  • Proxies with SOCKS5 protocol. These proxies offer an additional layer of security
    by masking the IP address and encrypting transmitted data. They are also ideal
    both for P2P and for bypassing firewalls. However, their setup process can be
    complicated, and the additional encryption may slow down their speed.
  • Residential proxies. These proxies are highly anonymous because they show to
    DPI the addresses of real people. As a result, DPI systems cannot detect that
    you are using a proxy.
  • Proxies with rotation. These proxies change IP addresses to prevent tracking
    by DPI systems. In addition to these proxies, it is best to use SSL/TLS encryption
    or SSH tunnels to bypass DPI.
To enhance protection and bypass DPI, it is recommended to use a combination of
proxies, VPNs, and Tor.
  • VPN encrypts the connection;
  • Tor redirects traffic through multiple nodes.

If you want to enhance your privacy, comfort and freedom while working on the
Internet and bypass DPI blocking, you should use residential proxies, proxies with
rotation and proxies with SOCKS5 protocol.
These types of proxies can be purchased
at Proxytunnel, which offers more than 1.5 million reliable IP addresses from 100
countries. For additional protection, consider using a combination of a proxy, VPN,
and Tor.
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If the bandwidth limitation appears, what should I do?

If the bandwidth limitation appears, what should I do?

Dealing with bandwidth limitations can really slow you down, especially with all the
interruptions and buffering. Slow internet is even more frustrating for people working
from home who might end up missing important deadlines because their internet isn't
keeping up. Let's talk about some ways you can dodge these issues.

Why is bandwidth limitation occurring?

Ever wonder why your internet suddenly slows down? Sometimes, your internet service
provider (ISP) might be deliberately reducing your speed. Other times, it might just be
a technical issue.

But if your internet consistently lags or slows down at the same times every day, it's likely
that your ISP is intentionally limiting your speed.

The reasons why ISPs impose restrictions:
  • They do it to handle network congestion during busy times;
  • They're limiting users who are using a lot of bandwidth, like for big downloads
    or streaming lots of videos;
  • They're hoping you'll decide to upgrade to a more expensive plan for better speed.

If you're curious about whether your internet is being throttled, you can quickly check
your speed online using websites like Speedtest.net, Fast.com.

How to cope with the limitations?

Using proxies can be a great workaround. Proxies hide your internet activity by giving
you a different IP address, so it looks like someone else is using the internet, not you.
For example, Proxytunnel offers over 1.5 million of reliable IP addresses to choose from.

Besides hiding your identity, proxies also encrypt your data, helping you get around
restrictions. If your ISP is slowing down your streaming or blocking websites, using a
proxy can give you access to the speeds and sites you need.

Residential and mobile proxies are especially good for getting past restrictions
because they're connected to actual devices and networks, making you even more


The choice of proxy to bypass restrictions should always depend on your goals,
objectives, and needs. Combining a proxy with a VPN can give you even more privacy,
hiding what you do online and your personal data from your ISP. This approach is a
great way to bypass internet speed limits and enjoy a smoother online experience.
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Incorrect setting of GEO of an IP server and DNS: what can it cause and how to
avoid it?

When the discussion about GEO settings of an IP server comes up, you might come
across the story of Joyce Taylor. An elderly farmer from Kansas, USA, experienced a
great deal of anxiety due to an incorrectly set GEO of an IP server and DNS, in open
source. MaxMind, the company that owns the database, is responsible for the error.
Their decision to simplify one of the coordinate pointers by shortening its shape
resulted in 600 million IP addresses being redirected to the area where Mrs. Taylor

So let's explore why misconfiguring a GEO of an IP server and DNS can turn into
such a huge error and how to fix it.

How to obtain the data that an IP address belongs to a specific GEO?

An IP address does not provide information about the city or ISP to which it belongs.
Companies that use IP addresses to determine GEO, such as the infamous MaxMind,
offer a database of addresses, their locations and coordinates.

Services that determine data by IP are databases that report subnet and GEO.
However, not all services can guarantee accurate data due to several reasons:
  • The resource updates its databases infrequently.
  • The resource removes some of the information, making it difficult or
    impossible to find full and recent data.
  • The resource is forced to use the most similar data instead of the necessary
    missing data. This is exactly what happened with Mrs. Taylor - the address
    of her farm was mistakenly associated with a similar IP address for which
    there was no confirmed information.
How to avoid the error of an incorrectly installed GEO of an IP server?

If you encounter issues with a specific source due to incorrect GEO of an
IP address or DNS, it is necessary to verify the data in multiple databases, such
as Whatleaks, 2ip.ua, and others. However, keep in mind that the information
from these databases could be inaccurate, because they often copy and parse
data from each other.

When using a proxy, it is crucial to verify the vendor's reputation. If there are
any errors in the database, you should ask for an explanation. You can also
monitor the final output of the IP and test the performance. If the proxy
functions correctly, it means that any incorrect GEO specification is a
database error.


If this issue occurs, you need to exclude IP address subnets from the databases.
Incorrect specification of the country or city of the IP address can always be
corrected. You should test the output of the address on a resource, for example,
on a social network or search engine. If performance is reduced, contact the
technical support of the proxy provider and request an explanation.
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Comparison between free and paid proxy servers

There are many differences between free and paid proxy servers. And it is crucial to
select the right one depending on your specific needs and tasks. So let's take a look
at the differences between them.

Features of free proxy servers:
  • They are usually publicly available online, making them easy to use.
  • Due to the high volume of users, they may experience limitations in speed,
    bandwidth, and connection stability.
  • Due to the absence of data protection and encryption mechanisms, they may
    be less secure.
  • The free proxy sites may place ads as a means of monetization.
  • They typically offer a limited selection of GEOs
  • Free proxies are available at no additional cost.
  • No payments or registration are required.
  • They can be used for basic tasks such as bypassing blockades or browsing
  • Multiple users may result in slow performance.
  • Free proxies may not provide stable performance.
  • A limited set of features and functions is often the case.
Features of paid proxy servers:
  • Higher performance, stability, and throughput due to dedicated resources
  • Advanced security features, including data encryption and privacy protection.
  • Users can choose the right GEO to bypass restrictions and access content
    from different countries.
  • Paid proxy users also have access to 24/7 technical support.
  • Absence of ads, which makes using the server much more convenient and
  • pleasant.
  • Fast and high-quality work.
  • Additional features such as virus protection, geographic blocking bypass,
    and so on.
  • Increased throughput capacity.
  • Buying them requires an extra cost, which can impact your budget.
  • Paid proxies are not always necessary; free proxies can be effective for
    some tasks.

The decision to use free or paid proxies depends on your specific needs and
usage goals.
While free servers may suffice for basic tasks, they have limitations
in terms of performance, security, and functionality. On the other hand, paid
servers, which require a deposit, usually offer a higher level of security,
performance, and support, making them the preferred choice for more serious
tasks and requirements.
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Features of VPN blocking in different countries: how it happens and how to avoid it

Features of VPN blocking in different countries: how it happens and
how to avoid it

VPN is a technology that enables you to protect your anonymity on the Internet and
access restricted sites. However, in some countries, VPNs are prohibited and
frequently blocked. This article will explore how such blocking occurs and how to
bypass it.

Why are VPNs blocked and how does it happen?

VPNs encrypt the user's IP address and send their data to the virtual private network
before it reaches the website's server. However, the governments of many countries
are concerned about cybercrime and prefer to collect information on all Internet
users. Therefore, VPNs that conceal some user activity details are prohibited in many

Blocking is accomplished with:
  • Cybersecurity software designed to counter online threats. By using this
    software, government agencies can block VPN sites in their GEOs.
  • Rules and regulations. The government requires Internet service providers
    (ISPs) to install DPI equipment. This technology scrutinizes all traffic and
    enables the identification of the type of data being sent from one person
    to another.
How to bypass blocking

Many large companies use traffic obfuscation techniques to bypass DPI. This
method allows you to hide your VPN traffic and usage. However, it is complex
and expensive, and not suitable for everyone.

Both individuals and enterprises can choose alternatives:
  • Tor Browser. Tor can be used to maintain anonymity by routing traffic
    through relays, which are servers of other users. However, websites can
    detect that someone is using Tor and block that user.
  • DNS. DNS can be used to access sites on behalf of users in another
    region. It first looks for the IP associated with the site address, intercepts
    the request, and forwards it to a proxy server. However, DNS does not
    provide privacy, as the ISP will be able to see all of the user's actions.
  • Proxy servers.They help you choose the right IP address and hide your
    own. If you use anonymous private proxies, the website will not detect
    that you are accessing it through a proxy server. You can increase your
    anonymity even more by using an anti-detect browser, which will allow
    you to hide your digital fingerprint and mask your device settings.

Even a VPN service that has been on the market for a long time can be blocked.
Therefore, it is crucial to have alternative methods to encrypt your traffic. Proxy
providers, such as Proxytunnel, can assist you in bypassing restrictions, blocks,
and other unforeseen issues.
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What are the peculiarities of using private European proxies from France, Germany, and Holland?

What are the peculiarities of using private European proxies from France,
Germany, and Holland?

The choice of a GEO proxy depends on its intended use. For instance, it may be utilized
for launching an ad campaign in a specific region, parsing, testing, multi-accounting,
or other purposes.

Our provider, Proxytunnel, offers over 100 GEOS. In this article, we will examine the
advantages of using European private proxies, namely French, German and Netherlands
proxies, and their unique functions.

Proxies GEO France

French proxies are popular in Europe due to the high demand for sites dedicated to
dating and to software that allows you to earn money by surfing. The number of such
websites is increasing. However, many sites block access to users from CIS countries,
but if people from France visit them, they can see the content freely. French proxies
are known for their high speed, quality, and performance.

Proxies GEO Germany

European users have a high demand for German proxy servers to rapidly expand
their businesses on the internet. German proxies are crucial for promoting social
networks, chat rooms, and game apps.

Germany has the most advanced data centers. In this region, quality control is taken
seriously. In other countries, equipment functionality may not be as closely monitored.

German laws are quite democratic regarding the use of anonymous traffic. It is thought
that the German government does not violate the private right to use and disseminate
personal data.

Proxies GEO Holland (Netherlands)

While German and French proxies may be more popular, Netherlands proxies are also
a great option for business-related tasks on the internet. Proxytunnel offers a variety
of Netherlands proxy servers with a wide range of IP addresses and subnets.

Netherlands proxies are ideal for the following business tasks:
  • accessing local marketplaces, online stores, and sites that are only available to
    European residents;
  • improving software speed that increases performance - many SEO services,
    parsers, and other tools work faster with Dutch proxies.

European private proxies are crucial for any business activity in Europe, including
marketing, SMM, and traffic arbitrage. These proxies can also expand opportunities
for entertainment and searching for necessary information, as well as provide access
to resources that are restricted in certain GEOs.
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Programs for proxies Proxyfier, ProxyCap, Proxy Switcher: what they are for, how
to use them

Proxy programs like Proxifier, ProxyCap, and Proxy Switcher are designed to route
network traffic through proxy servers. They can be used for various purposes, such
as bypassing blocks, anonymizing internet connections, testing network security,
and other tasks. This article will explore their functions and methods of use.



It redirects program traffic through proxy servers. The utility allows you to use
applications that are blocked by the firewall because they do not support proxies.
Provides work with any Internet clients.

How to use it:
  • Specify the program's proxy server settings.
  • Add the programs for which you want to apply a proxy.
  • The apps will route their traffic through the specified proxy server.


It enables the routing of network traffic through proxies for the entire system
or specific applications. Internet applications can be run through HTTP,
SOCKS v4, and SOCKS v5 proxy servers.

How to use it:
  • Specify the proxy server settings in ProxyCap.
  • Select which applications or all system traffic should use the proxy.
  • Configure rules to determine which traffic should be processed
    through the proxy.
Proxy Switcher


This program allows you to quickly switch between different proxy servers
to provide anonymity or bypass blocking. It also masks the user's IP address
when logging into the network by creating an offline connection.

How to use it:
  • Add proxy servers to the Proxy Switcher list.
  • Select the preferred proxy from the list on the desktop or program
  • You can easily switch between proxies for different purposes or tasks.
How to use proxy programs:
  • Download and install the proxy program.
  • Add proxy servers, specify their settings in the program.
  • Set up rules or select the applications that will use the proxy.
  • Run the program and enjoy routing traffic through proxy servers.
These programs enable flexible management of network traffic through
proxies. This is useful for dealing with blocked content, ensuring privacy, or
performing network security testing. However, please note that the use of
proxies must comply with the rules and laws of your country.
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How to set up a proxy server on PlayStation? Step-by-step instruction

Online games are increasingly being blocked for a variety of reasons. Many gamers
want to know how to deal with the restrictions and what they can do to keep playing.
This article will explain how to set up a proxy for Playstation.

Which proxies are recommended for PlayStation?

Static proxy servers work well for PlayStation. However, make sure they are from the
category "for all sites" and allow you to change the authorization type to IP-based

How to check the proxy?

To ensure the proxy is suitable for PlayStation, follow these steps:
  • check that the proxy is functional using the checker;
  • verify that you can change the authorization type;
  • check that the proxy works on your device - set it up in your browser, and
    log in with your username and password.
If you encounter any difficulties during this stage of the test, please contact
your proxy provider's technical support. If everything is functioning properly,
you may proceed to set up the proxy on your PlayStation.

How to set up a proxy on PlayStation

Follow the step-by-step algorithm to set up a proxy on PlayStation:

1. Find out your console's IP address. To do this, open the Settings section
in PlayStation and navigate to either "System" or "Network" (depending
on the version - PS4 or PS5). On PS4, select "System Information", there
will be a line IP address; on PS5, select "View Connection Status",
there will be a line IPv4 address.

2. Change the authorization type to "By IP" in the personal proxy account
and specify the console's IP address.

3. To establish a connection on your PlayStation, return to the Settings
menu and select "Network". If you are using WiFi, select your network
and then navigate to "Advanced Settings".

4. Set the parameters: IP address, DNS, MTU - automatically, DHCP
host - do not specify. Then save these settings by clicking OK.

5. To establish a connection, navigate to the Proxy section, check the
box next to "Use", and enter the IP address and port number. Then
click "OK" and wait for the connection to be established. If you
are using a LAN connection, be sure to select it.


Proxies can be used to bypass regional blocking. For instance, PlayStation, being
a Sony product, may not be available in certain regions. Using proxies for "white"
purposes is legal and not considered an offense. Proxytunnel provides proxies
for over 100 GEOs and more than 1.5 million IP addresses. You can choose any
type of proxy that suits your needs, including static, mobile, residential, and 5G.
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How to use proxies to automate work on social networks

How to use proxies to automate work on social networks

You can use software, scripts and tools to automate work on social networks instead
of performing operations manually.

This allows you to automate the following actions:
  • Content planning and publishing;
  • Generating responses and comments;
  • Tracking brand mentions, analyzing account metrics, and evaluating the
    effectiveness of advertising campaigns;
  • Subscribing to interesting accounts and unsubscribing inactive subscribers
    to grow your audience and maintain relevance;
  • Creating automated reports on account metrics, audience activity, post
    effectiveness, and generating notifications of important events;
  • Launching, tracking and optimizing social media campaigns.
How do proxy servers help automate work?

Proxy servers can automate tasks such as:
  • Bypassing IP address blocking caused by frequent requests and suspicious
    activity on social networks;
  • Providing an additional layer of anonymity by protecting your personal
    data and concealing your IP address.
  • Analyzing competitors' activities and methods of work to gather information.
  • Collecting and analyzing social media trend data to optimize your strategy.
  • Monitoring activity in social networks from different IP addresses.
  • Responding to users' comments automatically and publishing posts
    on schedule.
  • Scaling social media automation processes, managing multiple accounts
    and performing a large volume of activities. For example, Proxytunnel
    utilizes specialized devices with 5G connections, providing optimal
    speed and reliability. They are ideal for high-performance web scraping,
    data mining, and actions requiring very high-value IP addresses.
  • Getting access to different IP addresses to make your actions varied and
    natural. Proxytunnel provides clients with a range of IP address options,
    including real IP addresses assigned to homes and businesses, IP
    addresses assigned to mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets,
    and dedicated IP addresses that change every 12-24 hours.
  • Selecting proxies with a specific GEO for localized social media tasks,
    such as targeted advertising or testing in different regions. Proxytunnel
    offers a variety of plans to fit your needs, including options for multiple
    carriers or a dedicated device, and locations in the US, EU, and other
  • Distributing automated requests among different IP addresses to prevent
    blocking by social networks. All Proxytunnel IP addresses originate from
    real devices used by actual clients, ensuring a high level of authenticity
    when using proxies.
Tips for using proxies
  • Change the proxies you use regularly to avoid being blocked;
  • Work at an appropriate pace to avoid arousing suspicion;
  • Ensure that the chosen proxies provide privacy protection;
  • Consider using social media APIs in addition to proxies;
  • Monitor the results of automation to ensure efficiency and safety;
  • Learn the rules and policies of social media platforms regarding
    automated tools.
At Proxytunnel, we offer reliable proxies designed to automate routine actions
on social networks.
You can choose from servers with 100 GEOs and more
than 1.5 million IP addresses. Our goal is to simplify your work and provide
you with the best proxies available.
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How to make money in social networks on traffic arbitrage in 2024 and how proxies
will help in it

Social media traffic arbitrage is the process of buying traffic at a low price and
reselling it at a higher price, allowing you to earn money on the difference. It is a
popular way of monetizing on the internet.

Follow these key steps to make money through traffic arbitrage:
  • Identify the social media platform on which you wish to drive traffic. The
    most popular platforms are Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube and
  • Analyze your target audience on the chosen platform. Understanding their
    interests, behaviors, and needs will help you create an effective ad strategy.
  • Identify the vertical in which you will work, such as health and beauty, finance,
    gaming, etc. Choosing a vertical is crucial to focus your activities and increase
    the success of your campaigns. Select the appropriate offers to run traffic
    and sell.
  • Develop attractive ads or posts that capture your audience's attention and
    motivate them to take action, such as clicking or making a purchase.
  • Run ad campaigns, analyze the results, and optimize them for maximum
    efficiency and increased profits.
How proxies can help:
  • Proxies can help bypass geographic restrictions and access restricted content.
    This allows you to access content from different regions and test different
  • They will help to ensure that your data is anonymised and protected;
  • They can enhance download speeds, improve connection stability, and
    provide a more efficient user experience;
  • Proxies can assist in managing multiple accounts and running traffic on
    various platforms simultaneously.
Tips for earning money through social media:
  • Continuously test and analyze your ad campaigns to optimize your
    strategy and increase ROI.
  • Follow the rules and policies of the social network to prevent your account
    or ads from being banned.
  • Social media is a constantly evolving landscape, and it is crucial to stay
    up-to-date with the latest trends in order to profit from traffic arbitrage.
When choosing proxy servers:
  • Pay attention to the quality, speed, and stability of the connection;
  • Consider the proxy usage policies of the various platforms and adhere
    to their rules.
Ensure that you are familiar with the rules of proxy usage and configure them
appropriately for your needs. Proxytunnel can help you to find the most reliable
servers with a wide range of GEOs (up to 100 GEOs) and other useful options.
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Best tips for staying safe online in 2024

Whether you are an affiliate, an entrepreneur, or an ordinary internet user, it is important
to prioritize your safety. Here are some tips to help you reduce the risk of data loss
and avoid cybercriminals.

Tip 1. Make sure to update your software in a timely manner

Ensure that all devices have the latest software, browsers, and operating systems
installed. Each update provides improved protection mechanisms, reducing the risk of

Tip 2. Use strong passwords

The more complex a password is, the more different characters it contains - the
harder it is to crack. Avoid using personal information such as your name or date
of birth as a password, as it can be easily stolen by hackers. It is recommended that
passwords be at least 8 characters long and include a combination of numbers,
lowercase and uppercase letters, and special characters.

Tip 3. Avoid clicking on unfamiliar links

To avoid falling victim to phishing scams, it is important to carefully examine the
URL that appears in your browser. Fraudsters may create a website that looks
similar to your bank's and ask you to provide your card password. The domain
of the fraudulent site may differ from the legitimate one by only one character.
Additionally, it is recommended to delete emails from unknown senders without
opening them.

Tip 4. Protect information related to control questions

In some cases, users may forget their password and need to answer a security
question to recover it. However, scammers can take advantage of this process
by impersonating the user and guessing the answer. To prevent this, it is crucial
not to share any information that could be used as an answer. For example, if
the security question is 'What is your mother's name?', refrain from posting that
name anywhere.

Tip 5. Use a proxy

Proxies can help protect your IP address and make you invisible to fraudsters.
They allow you to safely visit websites and make online purchases. At Proxytunnel,
we offer various types of proxies, including mobile, static, residential and 5G.
All of them with IP rotation!

With over 100 GEO and 1.5 million IP addresses available, you can easily access
websites from other countries.


Cybercriminals are always coming up with new ways to steal personal data
and money from unsuspecting users. Our tips can help you stay safe. Be
cautious when sharing data and use proxies for added security.
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Top recommendations for effective account management: account selection,
proxy management, and setting limits

Working with accounts is essential for successful social media traffic arbitrage. This
article provides you with a short list of recommendations.

Selecting Accounts

- To expand your reach and minimize risk, consider using multiple accounts
on different platforms. This will help reduce dependence on a single source of

- Choose accounts that match your target audience and topics. It's a good
idea to target specific audiences because it increases the conversion rate
and effectiveness of ad campaigns.

Working with proxies

- Get reliable proxy servers with high speed and a stable connection.

- If you need to manage multiple accounts and get around restrictions, you
should learn how to use different proxy servers.


- It's important to know and follow the rules for social media accounts,
ads, posts, and other things.

- It's crucial to keep an eye on your accounts, analyze campaign results,
and tweak your strategies based on the data. This will help keep your
accounts on track.

- Be ready to adjust your approach to meet changing limits and
platform requirements.

How to successfully use proxies and not get blocked on social networks

- If you need to use a proxy, be sure to check out the reputation and
reviews of the provider. Choose reliable and trusted companies to
avoid any problems with slow connections or service unavailability.

- To avoid being blocked, choose proxies with different IP addresses.
This will help you get around restrictions from social networks.

- Use proxies to manage social media behavior, like testing functionality,
market analysis, or maintaining multiple accounts in different regions.

- Don't use proxies for mass account creation, automating illegal
activity, or other social media violations.

- When you're working with proxies, it's important to make sure your
connection is secure. Use HTTPS protocols and other security measures
to prevent data leakage.

That's how proxy servers can help you with social media

- Use multiple proxy servers with different IP addresses to distribute

- Change location on social media - to access geographically
restricted content or functionality.

- Create a virtual split between multiple accounts.

- Protect your privacy and personal data when handling sensitive
information on social media.

- Don’t use the servers for mass spamming, baiting of likes, or
other suspicious activities.

Use servers with a good reputation and proven security. For example,
those that Proxytunnel selects for you.
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How to Set Up a Proxy in SMMPlanner

SMMPlanner is a social media content planning and management tool. It can be
used to schedule your social media posts, analyze the effectiveness of your content,
manage a team, and promote your brand or business on social media. These types
of tools are often used by marketers, social media managers, and business owners
to automate and optimize their work with social platforms.

In order to ensure anonymity or bypass blockages when using social networks, it is
advisable to set up a proxy in SMMPlanner. Please follow our instructions to set up
a proxy in SMMPlanner:

  • Register on the SMMPlanner platform. Log in to your account.
  • Then you'll need to find the "Settings" or "Account Settings" section.
    This should be in the menu or in the user profile.
  • In the settings section, you'll find the option related to proxy or
    network settings. It's usually called "My Proxies".
  • To activate the ability to use your proxies, please refer to the
    section of the same name. To access this section, just go to "Rates
    and Services" and then "Additional Services."
  • Once the service has been activated, please return to the "My Proxies"
    section and select the "Add/Edit" option.
  • Please enter your proxy server details, including the IP address and
    port, as well as any credentials that may be required.
  • Once you have entered the proxy data, please remember to save
    the changes. If you have configured everything correctly, the proxy
    will have an “OK” status next to it.
  • Once you've saved the proxy settings, it's a good idea to test the
    connection to make sure everything's working as it should. You can
    do this by trying to perform some action in SMMPlanner, like
    sending a test message or scheduling a publication.
  • For instance, you can choose a specific social network account
    (like FB) and set up a proxy for that account. Then, select the
    proxy server and click "Confirm."
Please be aware that the availability and functionality of proxy configuration
may vary depending on the specific SMMPlanner platform. For this reason, we
recommend referring to the relevant documentation or support for more
information. It is also important to note that using proxies can affect the speed
and performance of the platform, especially if the proxies have limited
bandwidth or unstable connections.

Proxytunnel's servers are designed to be anonymous, reliable, compatible
with 4G and 5G networks, and stable in conjunction with SMMPlanner. We
believe that they provide maximum security for your accounts and we hope
that you will choose us!
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How can residential proxies assist with data analysis?

Automated data analysis can be a valuable tool for marketers, entrepreneurs, and
SEO specialists, allowing them to save time and resources by collecting the necessary
information more efficiently. However, not all services allow for automated data
collection. In such cases, proxies can be a helpful solution.

Peculiarities of data analysis

Data analysis is a crucial aspect of market and competitor research, price monitoring,
review analysis, product tracking, trend forecasting, and other business operations.
Automated data analysis is a process that involves collecting information from large
amounts of data using parsing services.

Now that bots are getting smarter, data analysis is getting trickier. If a site or
database server is often hit by automated parsing services, access might be
blocked. The IP address might get blacklisted.

How to make data analysis easier and faster with residential proxies?

Residential proxies can help you deal with restrictions like problems accessing sites
and bases.

Here are the top reasons to use residential proxies for data analysis:
  • Proxies use the actual IP addresses of devices connected to the network
    through Internet Service Providers (ISPs). The requests look like they're from
    regular users.
  • Proxies are a great way to get around GEO blocks and access data from
    anywhere. For instance, Proxytunnel has IP addresses from over 100
    different GEOs.
  • Proxies let you split queries into several parallel threads, which makes
    it easier to collect data quickly. This is especially useful for analyzing
    large amounts of data.
  • Proxies are essential for protecting against information leakage,
    interception, and other cyber threats. This is crucial for the collection
    and analysis of confidential information.
How to choose residential proxies for data analysis:
  • Pay attention to the reputation of the ISP. A reputable provider has
    contracts with ISPs and obtains IP addresses legally.
  • The number of IP addresses and their GEO. It's important to choose
    a provider that offers a wide IP pool to ensure efficient data analysis.
    Proxytunnel has more than 1.5 million IP addresses. Plus, you can set
    up IP address rotation and select the desired GEO.
  • Stable performance. The high speed and absence of network
    congestion will also facilitate efficient data analysis.

Residential proxies are a must-have for data analysis. They make
information more reliable, accessible, and secure. At Proxytunnel, you
can buy residential proxies designed specifically for data analysis.
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How to protect yourself from click fraud and fraud in CPA marketing using proxies.

What is fraud?

In CPA marketing, fraud occurs when individuals manipulate ad campaign results to
gain unfair profit or benefit. This can include various fraudulent activities such as: fake
, where people create fake accounts or use bots to generate fake traffic; hidden
, where they use technical mechanisms to direct traffic to CPA offers without
the user's consent; spamming; data forgery; and others.

Another type of fraud is Click-fraud. This is when someone creates fake clicks on ads to
increase an advertiser's costs or get a commission for false clicks.

Protective measures
  • Monitor traffic sources and analyze data to identify any suspicious activity, such
    as an unusually high volume of traffic from a single source or country.
  • Use anti-fraud systems to detect and prevent fraudulent activity like fake clicks
    or app installs.
  • Make sure your CPA marketing partner uses only high-quality traffic.
  • Ensure you have clearly defined policies and rules regarding fraud and click fraud.
  • Consistently review ad campaign data and reports so that you can respond quickly
    to any suspicious changes or activity.
How can proxies help?

Proxy servers allow users to conceal their actual IP address and mask their location, which
can help prevent certain types of fraud associated with IP address manipulation.

It's important to remember that hackers can use proxy servers to get around security
measures and commit fraud. That's why it's crucial to set up and manage proxy
servers properly in CPA campaigns.
  • Use a reliable and trusted proxy server with a good reputation, like those offered
    by Proxytunnel. We're constantly updating our proxy list, and our flexible design
    approach will let you get the most out of our servers.
  • Monitor traffic from proxy servers and analyze its quality to identify any suspicious
  • Set up filters and access rules for the CPA system to detect and block suspicious
    traffic from proxy servers.
  • Train staff on preventing fraud using proxy servers and conduct regular audits
    of the system.
For optimal protection from unscrupulous users, consider using Proxytunnel. We provide
over 1.5 million high-quality and reliable 4G and 5G proxies from the most reputable IP
providers. Our proxies are private and highly secure.
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What's the role of proxy servers in effective SEO promotion?

Proxies are de facto a strategic asset for SEO promotion. Let's see how proxies can
help you adapt your strategies to the ever-changing search engine algorithms.

Privacy and security

Search engine algorithms are updated pretty often, for example, major Google
updates happen about every six months. As a result, a site's position in the rankings
can change significantly. To stay on top of things, you need to collect data from
different GEOs and devices and also get around IP address blocking. Proxies are
perfect for this. They hide your real IP address and keep your data safe.

Competitor monitoring

When developing an SEO strategy, it is crucial to monitor the activities of your
competitors and how they adapt to algorithm changes. By using proxy servers, you
can anonymously visit your competitors' websites to identify their SEO promotion
methods and techniques. Proxy servers allow you to effectively conceal your identity
from your competitors, preventing them from identifying who is logged in and
blocking you. For instance, Proxytunnel has a range of proxies for monitoring
competitors, like a static, residential, and mobile.

Market analysis

If an SEO specialist is involved in localization or creates sites for different GEOs, it's
important to check how the site performs in different regions and how it ranks in
search engines. Proxies can be used to simulate visits from different GEOs, which
helps you understand the site's position and country ranking, as well as for which
keywords. This data can be used to optimize content for audiences in different

Data collection

To ensure your SEO strategy is effective, it is essential to collect data on keywords
and current trends. Proxies offer a scalable solution for data collection. Proxies
with rotation, such as those provided by Proxytunnel, allow you to change IP
addresses and access information without being blocked.

SEO Testing

As search engine algorithms evolve, it is essential to adapt your site structure,
content, and other elements to align with these changes. Proxies can be used
to facilitate SEO testing. This allows you to ascertain the impact of the changes
on the site's performance and analyze different scenarios. Proxies can be used
to conduct A/B tests, split tests, and other studies to optimize an SEO strategy.


To achieve effective SEO promotion, it is essential to monitor and understand the
trends and tendencies of Google and other major search engines. Additionally, it
is crucial to study the work of algorithms. Using reliable proxies from Proxytunnel
is beneficial for SEO analysis, competitor monitoring, testing, and the secure
collection of necessary data.
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Proxy-based SaaS service security

Proxy-based SaaS security involves using proxy servers to protect and
secure the data that's sent between the user and the cloud service. Proxy
servers can be used to route traffic, filter content, detect and block
malicious attacks, and encrypt data. They also add additional layers of
protection, like user authentication, access control, traffic monitoring,
and data leak prevention.

Security measures to keep customer data and privacy safe.
  • Make sure you encrypt all sensitive data that you send through the
    service using strong encryption algorithms like AES-256.
  • Use reliable authentication and authorization mechanisms to make
    sure that nobody can access your data or service resources without
    your permission.
  • Limit access to data and functions according to the principle of
    least privilege.
  • Keep track of all the important events and activities on the system
    and watch out for anything that looks suspicious.
  • Regularly back up your data and have a solid recovery plan in
    place in case of a disruption or cyberattack.
Security measures to protect infrastructure and apps.
  • Use firewalls, intrusion prevention systems (IPS), and other
    network security tools to defend against external threats.
  • Update software regularly and fix any vulnerabilities that are
  • Conduct regular tests to identify and address any potential
    vulnerabilities in the system.
  • Implement defenses against distributed denial of service (DDoS)
    attacks to ensure service availability and that legitimate users can
    still access it.
Following the rules and regulations.
  • GDPR Compliance: If your service processes personal data
    belonging to EU citizens, you are required to comply with the
    General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
  • HIPAA Compliance: Please ensure that your service complies
    with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act
    (HIPAA) if it handles protected health information (PHI).
Additional security measures
  • It'd be a good idea to implement 2-factor authentication to make
    sure your users' accounts stay secure.
  • It's important to keep your security policy up to date, as new
    threats emerge all the time.
  • It'd be a good idea to give your employees some security training
    to make them more aware of potential threats.
  • If you need a security audit or some advice, don't hesitate to reach
    out to external security experts.
The proxies of Proxytunnel​​​​​​​ use SSH tunneling to provide a high level of
security. We offer the best private proxies with a huge selection of IP
addresses and GEOs.
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What is an APT attack and how can proxy servers help you defend against it?

APT attacks (Advanced Persistent Threat, APT) are a real problem for businesses. They're
persistent and can cause significant issues. Let's take a closer look at these cyber threats
and how proxies can help you deal with them.

What is an APT attack?

APT attacks are a type of cyber threat that's different from the usual attacks and
sabotage of cyber fraudsters. These attacks can remain undetected for an extended
period due to their ability to get into a system. APT attacks enable attackers to steal
a wide range of valuable data, including intellectual property, financial data, and
strategic business plans, over a long period.

APT attacks can use sophisticated hacking techniques and custom malware. The most
common way cybercriminals launch APT attacks is by combining several tactics,
including phishing, vulnerability hunting, and social engineering.

The potential risks to business include the loss of confidential data, leakage of
sensitive information, and reputational damage. Regardless of size, any company
can be subjected to an APT attack.

How to deal with APT attacks

Proxies help to improve security and resist APT attacks:
  • they can hide your digital presence and digital identity by masking your
    network's IP address. This means that attackers can't attack your network
    and find vulnerabilities;
  • they control traffic, filter it and manage it, set rules for different types
    of traffic;
  • proxies facilitate the identification of anomalies. They can be configured
    to perform a comprehensive examination of all passing data.
Let's take a look at how to set up protection against APT attacks:

1. Conduct a network vulnerability assessment to identify any outdated or
unupdated software, as well as any unused open ports.

2. Select a proxy. You can configure various types of proxies, including
forward, reverse, and transparent proxies. Reverse proxies are an effective
means of safeguarding internal networks. It is important to ensure that
the proxy server is compatible with your requirements, customizable to
handle traffic, and integrated with security systems. For instance,
Proxytunnel provides reliable proxies for a range of business needs.
Proxytunnel's experienced support team can assist you in identifying
the optimal solution tailored to your business.

3. Set up the proxy. Follow the manufacturer's instructions when installing
the hardware or configuring the cloud software. Also, at this stage, you
need to set up rules for traffic management.

4. Update the software regularly. This practice helps eliminate any potential


Proxies are a great way to fight against APT attacks.Taking a strategic
approach to cybersecurity is essential, and proxy servers are a key component
of that strategy. Proxytunnel offers security-oriented proxy servers that work
with lots of firewalls and cyber threat defense systems.
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Setting up a proxy in Windows 10

Setting up a proxy server is an essential step for ensuring convenient use in the future.
Please be aware that Proxytunnel offers the most comprehensive range of reliable
proxies compatible with Windows 10.Select proxies with us and configure them for
your operating system.

Brief instruction

1. Open "Settings" in Windows 10 by clicking the Gear icon on the taskbar or
using the Win + I key combination.

2. In the "Network & Internet" section, select "Proxy" from the left menu.

3. In the "Manual proxy setup" section, enable the "Use a proxy server" switch
and enter the proxy server address and port.

4. If the proxy server requires authentication, enable the “Require username and
password” option and enter the credentials.

5. Once the settings have been configured, close the "Settings" window.

More details

Using the Windows settings:

1. Navigate to the "Start" > "Settings" > "Network and Internet" > "Proxy Server".

2. Select "Use a configuration script" in the section "Automatically detect settings".

3. In the "Address" and "Port" fields, enter the address and port of the proxy server.

4. To complete the configuration process, click the "Save" button.

Using the Windows registry:

Please be aware that incorrect modification of the registry can result in significant
issues. It is strongly recommended that you back up the registry before making
any changes.

1. To open the "Run" dialog box, press Windows + R.

2. Enter "regedit" and click OK.

3. Navigate to the next registry key:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Curre ntVersion\Internet

4. Right-click an empty space in the right panel and select "Create" > "Value
DWORD (32-bit)".

5. Name the new value "ProxyEnable" and set its value to "1."

6. Create another DWORD value, named "ProxyServer," and set its value to
the address and port of the proxy server in the format "address:port."

7. Once you have completed these steps, close the registry editor and restart
your computer.

Using the command line:

1. Open a command line as administrator.

2. Enter the following command, replacing "address" and "port" with the
address and port of the proxy server: netsh winhttp set proxy address:port

Check proxy settings:

1. Open a command line.

2. Enter the following command: curl ifconfig.me

If the proxy server is configured correctly, you will be able to view your IP
address through the proxy server.
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