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OF Chatters

Join our team as a Chatter for OnlyFans accounts at Belle Muse, where you'll engage with fans to drive revenue through authentic interactions and strategic sales of PPV content, thriving in a role that demands creativity, empathy, and a sales-driven mindset.

This remote position offers flexible hours, professional growth opportunities, and the chance to be part of a dynamic team, with success measured by revenue per shift, conversion rates, and fan retention.

Read the below vacancy very carefully.

Do not apply if you are not 100% committed to becoming the best possible version of yourself, we will catch this sooner rather than later and you won’t make it through, save yourself the time.

Still here? Awesome. Read on.

1. The Role Defined

Your mission:

The mission for a chatter in an OnlyFans account is to actively engage with fans, embodying the creator's persona to enhance the fan experience. This role is crucial for driving revenue by maintaining high engagement levels and encouraging as many PPV purchases and tips as possible, ultimately maximizing the creator's earnings.

Key Responsibilities:

1. Chatting: Engage with fans via CreatorHero, responding to messages and comments to maintain high levels of fan engagement.
2. PPV and Customs Sales: Strategically sell exclusive content to fans, encouraging them to purchase Pay-Per-View (PPV) content and buy custom content at high prices.
3. Fan Segmentation: Identify and focus efforts on high-value fans likely to make purchases, while minimizing time spent on non-paying or low-engagement users.
4. Sales Strategies Implementation: Employ sales tactics such as using fear of missing out (FOMO), scarcity, value addition, and personalized messaging to boost content sales.
5. Feedback Collection and Reporting: Gather insights on fan preferences and content performance, reporting back to the management team for strategic adjustments.

Your KPIs:

We heavily believe in data — these will be the KPIs your success will be measured by:

1. Revenue per Shift: Primary KPI measuring the total earnings generated from content sales and tips during a chatter's shift.
2. Conversion Rate: Measures the proportion of sent PPVs that get sold, indicating the effectiveness of sales strategies.
3. Average Response Time: Monitors the speed at which chatters respond to messages, impacting fan engagement and satisfaction.
4. Customer Retention: Assesses the ability to maintain long-term fan subscriptions, indicating satisfaction and loyalty.


We will measure your success for your time with us by the following practical outcomes, amongst others:

1. Revenue per Shift: Minimum $500 per shift by the end of the first month
2. Conversion Rate: A conversion rate of at least 50% on PPVs sent
3. Average Response Time: Avg response time lower than 5 minutes


1. Flexible Work: Enjoy flexible hours and remote work options for a balanced lifestyle.
2. Professional Growth: Access to curated audiobooks and conferences for ongoing learning and career progression.
3. Creative Collaboration: Join a dynamic team where innovation and teamwork drive exciting, impactful projects.
4. Recognition and Rewards: We foster a culture of meritocracy — whoever contributes to our success will be rewarded proportionally
5. Mentorship and Leadership: Get access to our executives and learn from them directly

2. Desired Profile

What’s below is an ideal desired profile for this role.

We are aware that this may be limited, so if you feel like you match 80% of what we’re looking for, feel free to still apply.

The most important will always be your hunger for growth, this is non-negotiable.



1. High Typing Speed: Essential for maintaining engaging conversations and quick responses.
2. Sales and Negotiation Skills: Crucial for persuading fans to purchase content, thereby increasing revenue.
3. Empathetic Communication: Ability to understand and connect with fans, enhancing their experience and loyalty. For subtly gaining the upper hand in conversations, ensuring fans feel heard and valued while guiding the conversation towards revenue-generating outcomes.
4. Creativity in Messaging: Vital for keeping conversations intriguing and fans engaged.
5. Understanding of Western Culture: Important for building relatable and effective relationships with primarily Western audiences.


1. Basic Technical Proficiency: Understanding of the OnlyFans platform and any utilized tools for managing conversations.
2. Knowledge of Digital Marketing: Helpful for strategically promoting content within conversations.
3. Time Management Skills: Beneficial for efficiently managing conversations across multiple fans.
4. Vivid Imagination: Enhances the ability to engage in creative sexting, keeping fans intrigued.

Behavioural Characteristics:

1. Attention to Detail: You meticulously notice the nuances in conversations, ensuring responses are tailored and relevant, enhancing fan engagement.
2. Organized: You manage multiple conversations efficiently, ensuring no fan feels neglected, leading to better relationship building.
3. Accountable: You own your results, continuously tracking performance against revenue targets and seeking ways to improve.
4. Eager to Improve: You're committed to personal growth, actively seeking feedback and learning opportunities to enhance your sales techniques.
5. Adaptable: You effortlessly adjust your communication style to match the fan's tone and preferences, keeping the conversation flowing and engaging.
6. Empathetic: You naturally understand and align with fans' emotions and interests, fostering deeper connections and trust.
7. Proactive: You don't wait for fans to show interest; you initiate engaging topics and subtly guide conversations towards sales opportunities.


While this is a remote role, we prefer to work with people in South America.

That said, if you would still like to apply as a native from a different country, please do so.

We are open to applications from all over the world.


We’re looking for full commitment.

You need to work a minimum of 50 hours per week.

If you are not prepared to do this, please do not apply.


* No Degree Required (it’s preferred but not required)
* 1-2 years of equivalent experience in sales or OF chatting

3. The Next Steps 🍍

So you got this far.

That must mean you’re serious about working with us.


These will be the next steps:

1. Submit your application: https://coda.io/@bellemuse/belle-muse-vacancies
2. Our team will review your application promptly.
3. Shortlisted candidates will undergo practical skill assessments.
4. Successful candidates will be interviewed by our HR manager.
5. Further discussions with the hiring manager will follow.
6. A final interview with the CEO awaits standout candidates.
7. Approved candidates will enter a 3-month trial period.

Good luck!
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